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Default mail order, packages and delivery

On 5/17/2016 7:55 AM, Ralph Mowery wrote:
In article ,

On 05/16/2016 09:56 PM, Ralph Mowery wrote:
The best thing is the Amazon people are suspose to have it delivered by
2 men that will put the base on it and set it on a stand for me, then
turn it on to make sure it has a chance of working. Then carry off all
the packing material.
This is not Prime, just regular shipping. Plus I get back about $ 25 by
using their credit card. I think it is 3%. I could get back only 1 %
by using a credit card at BB.

Will they haul away the old tv?

No, I have to deal with the old one.

No big problem as there are several ways to go with it. The old one
still works but has a black spot on the screen. It is a 48 inch screen
and the black spot is about 3 inches wide and goes about 3/4 the way
from the top to the bottom. On dark screens it is not noticable, but
shows up on the light screens.

I could probably sell it for $ 25, put it on several free places on the
internet,or just haul it off to the recycle place that takes TV sets for

Most of the recycling places, here, charge a fee to take a TV off your
hands. They're not interested in projection sets at all. And, CRTs
they now charge $10-$25/each. Many folks opt for the trash container,