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Default Best Buy sucks

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On Tue, 17 May 2016 11:52:50 -0400,

I bought an oven on Best Buy (online) on 4/4. Originally the delivery
was 2 weeks, then that became a month and a week, then a month and ~2
weeks, then they just canceled the order, item not available without
informing me in any way (4/22). I did not find out until I enquired
about when they were coming today.

Why anyone would buy major appliances from BestBuy is totally beyond
me. Sane goes gor Home Despot and Lowes.

I had a bad experance on a stove from Lowes. Similar to yours. When I
ordered it I knew there was about a 40 day wait. Got a call about a
month later it was to be deliverid in 2 days, That time passed and not
any call the next day. Called about it and they said it had gotten on
the wrong truck. About 2 weeks later the same thing happened. Emailed
the stove company about what Lowes did and also Lowes headquarters. A
couple of days later a Lowes sales person called and we talked. I Told
them they had a stainless instead of white showing on the computer at
their store. They checked and it was in stock . The wife had changed
her mind and wanted the stainless ,so I told them to send it out. They
did and gave us another 10% off for our trouble.

Where would you buy a major appliance from ? Not too many places to
choose from in the town I am in.