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Default mail order, packages and delivery

On 5/16/2016 8:56 PM, Ralph Mowery wrote:
Most things at Amazone are now free shipping if you buy about $ 50
worth. Just bought about 6 boxes of the K-cups coffee shipped to get
free shipping. Would buy it locally, but none of the stores seem to
carry the type we like. Same price as the stores and I get my 3 % back.

We buy very little on-line -- we live in a large enough metro area
that *most* things are available "today", in a reasonably short drive.
(Costco is 2 miles, Best Buy is closer to 4, many similar vendors in
that same range, etc.)

Electronic components (resistors, capacitors, etc.) are a notable
exception -- only one vendor here, it's a considerable drive and their
prices are lousy!

Some oriental products are also a challenge to acquire. We make a
pilgrimage across town (large oriental supermarket, there) every
6 months and stock up on related goodies. I've even been able to
find some of the imported cheeses that I use (though not aged as

The occasions when I've *had* to go on-line were for *good* nutmeats
(esp pistachios) and popcorn salt (had to buy ~40 pounds of the latter
as the "salt was free" -- shipping charges ate our lunch!)