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Default mail order, packages and delivery

In article , "frank says...

I buy Amazon but not enough to warrant prime. Often a lot of places
like Best Buy and Staples will have Amazon prices with free shipping.
Bought my smart TV last winter from Best Buy on line with free shipping.
Local store did not stock the TV and I figured if defective I could
just drive it there.

I just bought a 60 inch TV from Amazon. It was the same price with free
shipping as Best Buy. The Best Buy store is around 20 miles away. That
would be about $ 4 worth of gas.

The best thing is the Amazon people are suspose to have it delivered by
2 men that will put the base on it and set it on a stand for me, then
turn it on to make sure it has a chance of working. Then carry off all
the packing material.
This is not Prime, just regular shipping. Plus I get back about $ 25 by
using their credit card. I think it is 3%. I could get back only 1 %
by using a credit card at BB.

Most things at Amazone are now free shipping if you buy about $ 50
worth. Just bought about 6 boxes of the K-cups coffee shipped to get
free shipping. Would buy it locally, but none of the stores seem to
carry the type we like. Same price as the stores and I get my 3 % back.