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On 5/16/2016 11:48 AM, (PeteCresswell) wrote:
One rule that stuck with me was "Never spend more than 33% of your gross

I never managed to fully live up to the 33% rule, but came pretty close
- and I have to say the guy was definitely on to something.

What people "value" seems to vary, greatly.

Also, those "values" typically change over time.

I tend not to "want much". OTOH, I've always been able to buy
whatever it is that I wanted (as long as I wasn't being unrealistic
in my desires).

One observation that hit home when I was younger was how much
"kids" (apparently) cost! A guy I worked with was excited to
be *finally* purchasing a new microwave oven (back when
microwave ovens were $500 appliances). I couldn't understand
his excitement: first, a microwave oven is just "functional"...
it's not a "toy" of any kind (to get excited over); second,
the fact that his comments suggested he had been PLANNING this
purchase, for some time. I.e., that he didn't just go out and
BUY one when he decided he needed/wanted it!

I knew he made roughly the same pay as me. And, their income
should have been roughly comparable to mine. So, why wouldn't
he be able to just buy what he wanted, when he wanted it?
(no, not a substance abuser so what could be soaking up all
of his income?)

Then, realized the key difference was that they had kids and
we didn't! ("Wow! Could kids make THAT big a difference in

[Of course, his wife might have been a clothes horse or
they may have had some unusual medical needs -- youth doesn't
guarantee freedom from health issues...]