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Default bye-bye land line telephone

On 5/15/2016 9:02 PM, HerHusband wrote:
So, you could put an extra kilobuck or more in the bank each year if
you started reading books! :
I'd be scared to see what that comes out to over a lifetime! :
(retire at 45?)

Ahh... 45. I remember 45... Sort of. Well, not really at all.

If I had saved all the money I've wasted repetitively on little things
(soft drinks, bottles of wine, dinners out, travel, etc.) I would be a
wealthy man.

Still, it's better to enjoy life as it comes. I plan for retirement, but
could easily die tomorrow. Make the most of every day... I'll never be 45

Yup. When folks exclaim over some of the monies I pay for equipment,
tools, etc. I just point out the "excesses" (IMO) that I see in
their purchases: dress shoes, vacations, dinners, hiring out for things
they can easily do themselves, etc. When they think about those and see
them as NOT excesses, I tell them "I see *my* purchases the same way!"

We don't plan on being a "burden" to anyone (including each other) in
our old age. OTOH, we've seen our share of friends dying before they
had a chance to enjoy "retirement" (or, whatever you call the
portion of your life when YOU call the shots).

Or, folks squander that time on activities that we consider "sad"
(i.e., work your whole life to reward yourself with days of sitting
in front of the TV??)