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Default Meter Location (was Residential Electricity)

On Thu, 12 May 2016 06:44:56 -0400, "J.B. Wood"

Hello, and perhaps a local ordinance question: Often you see new
town/row house developments that look very nice from the front except
they put the electric meter right in front which, IMHO, detracts from
the view. We have "smart" meters in my neck of the woods. Thanks for
your time and comment. Sincerely,

In the townhouses I live in, the meters are in front, but there's a 5'
closed wooden wall around a tiny patio that keeps people in front of
the house from seeing the meter, the front sliding glass door, the
grill, the bicycle, the scooter, the lawnmower, the garbage cans, and
the other junk stored there. The meter is really the least of it.

The electric power goes along the front of the houses and it would
have been awfully hard to have put the meters in the back. And I'm
glad the water, electricity, phone, and sewer** are in the front. In
this case I don't want workmen in back. It's bad enough the cable is
back there.

**all underground