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Default bye-bye land line telephone

On 5/14/2016 9:41 PM, wrote:
I listen to TV more than watch it, hence my RF headset. I prefer PBS
stuff because there are no commercials. If I want to hear a history
channel show, I go to Netflix for them.

I don't wear a headset unless I'm in the office (would disturb SWMBO's
sleep if I didn't). So, when in the living room or den, I am free to
use the TV "as is".

As I enjoy REwatching things, I know which scenes I will want to
"drop everything" and sit in front of the tube to watch. E.g.,
very little of The Matrix needs to be seen -- once you've already
seen it. There's no particular visual that is "exciting". Likewise,
in P&tB, you can easily imagine what is on the screen as each line
is being spoken ("Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?")

OTOH, there are many scenes in SOAP that I'll *rush* to the TV
in order to catch -- because facial expressions and other antics
are an inherent part of the humor.

E.g., when Burt tries to demonstrate his invisibility to Mary
while bathing with her. Or, when he later *actually* disappears
while she is watching him (in the diner, after he has been
abducted by the aliens, escaped and is now being recaptured).
Or, Peter's introduction to the Campbells & Tates...

And, as it's all recorded video, there's nothing to prevent me
from pausing a show and returning to it later -- or the next day.

This thing has enough range so I can be working anywhere in the yard
and in my shop in the garage. I do have a transmitter on the roof of
the screen cage tho, with a very good ground plane. I use that out in
the yard and when I am walking the dog.