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Default bye-bye land line telephone

On 5/14/2016 8:29 PM, wrote:
The dish is the real killer on my bill but my wife wants it. I have
been looking at just buying HBO, Show etc as a stream but by the time
I get them all, I may be back where I started. They all seem to have
one show she just needs to see. I could live with broadcast, Netflix
and maybe Hulu or something.

A friend is a Netflix junkie -- many movies each week.

We tend not to have time for movies. Daylight hours we try to be
outside "doing things" (chores, hiking, etc.). Nighttime hours
I spend working; SWMBO paints (hobby).

The TV sees most of its use as "companionship"; we bring home
~10 movies each week from the local library and let them play
while we're "doing other things" -- tuning in just "in passing".

E.g., tonight I'll watch most of _John from Cincinnati_. Having
already seen the entire series, it is more important for me to
*hear* the dialogue -- to uncover things that slipped by me

Last week, I "watched" the first season of Pinky & The Brain.
No need to *see* the shtick, again -- the humor lies in the
dialogue! (*Narf*)

Tomorrow, I'll re"watch" _The Matrix_ for similar hints.

After that, start on _SOAP_.