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Default bye-bye land line telephone

On 5/13/2016 10:03 PM, HerHusband wrote:
You need to *slide* it ALONG the top of each battery to disengage
the FastOn's from the battery.

Mine has short jumper wires inside the wiring block. When I remove the tape
holding the batteries together, I can seperate the batteries enough to
reach in and disconnect the terminals.

If you, instead, just slide the block "away" from (one of the) battery's
connectors, you'll see that the jumper wires are held captive *in* the
block and it's just like you are slipping a two-wire connector off the
battery. Repeat for the other battery (usually sliding the opposite

It's also handy when you want to assemble a battery pack: make sure the
jumper wires are in place, then slide the block onto one battery, hold
it in place and slide the second battery on. Apply tape.

Thankfully, my new batteries came assembled as a unit with a new wiring

Of course, depends on your load. E.g., the XS1500 that powers my
monitors will keep them running for almost a DAY -- if they are in
StandBy mode! : But, once lit up, the runtime estimate drops to ~20
minutes (200W).

When I replaced my UPS batteries, my computer setup was using about 90
watts (CPU, monitor, cable modem, router, and phone adapter). I was able to
run a bit over 70 minutes on battery power.

Yeah, my power requirements are considerably higher; one of my primary
workstations has a 4-head video card, the other has two dual-head cards.
Plus SCSI HBA's. Plus any other I/O's (tablet, motion controller, etc.)
that I may be using to interact with the application(s).

Of course, having *just* the computer (and monitors) backed up is often
not enough. E.g., if the 24 port switch in the office glitches, then
anything happening there (or whatever I'm talking to) is suspect.
Likewise for NAS boxes, etc.

Like NOT being "just a little" pregnant!

A couple weeks ago I bought a new monitor and the total power draw dropped
to about 70 watts. My UPS claims I can run 90 minutes now, but I haven't
tested it since changing monitors.

I mainly want protection from dropouts, brownouts, etc. If the power is
going to fail, I can drag out a laptop. But, I'd hate to lose what I
am working on just because the lights flickered... It's also amusing
how easy it is to FORGET what (exactly) you were doing when the screen
unexpectedly goes black!