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Default bye-bye land line telephone

On Fri, 13 May 2016 05:52:48 -0500, Unquestionably Confused

On 5/13/2016 1:45 AM, Micky wrote:
On Wed, 11 May 2016 19:14:10 -0500, Unquestionably Confused

Taking into account the REN situation that Don mentions, his second
option is exactly what I did when we gave up our landline in favor of
our cellular phones. We bought a Siemens Gigaset which connects via
Bluetooth to our cell phones whenever we are in range (our model will
accept up to three cell phones and port them to the hardwired home phone
system. All we do is plug in a single RJ11 cable from the Gigaset to
the nearest telephone jack and we were done. The Gigaset gives us
incoming and outgoing call capabilities on all three lines through a
Panasonic cordless phone with FOUR extensions and an POTS or two
scattered throughout the house. We do not miss the landline at all.

So iiuc, you end up using your cell phone to tallk on your voip line,
for no extra charge.

Or do you end up using your voip phones to talk on your cell phone
line, paying whatever the cell phone charges, for international calls
for example?

Neither, actually. We had the traditional POTS - no VOIP, Cable, etc.

We found that we RARELY got any calls on the land line. They all went
to the cellular phones. We simply told AT&T to take a hike and went
total cellular but added the Siemens Gigaset for convenience of not
having to carry the cells around with us at home.

The transition was more or less seamless. We have our cells, we have
our cordless and wired phones. Only difference is we now have TWO
separate lines at home and no long distance or local charges.

Very interesting. Copy to MissA, who might have some use for this