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Default Ideas please for shelves installed next to bathroom sink (that won't rot!)

On Thu, 12 May 2016 23:31:11 -0400, Micky

And if you are disabled I think you could call Home Depot or whomever
and ask the wood department or building materials manager to keep his
eye open for when the cut a piece 10" wide that has a 15" piece left
over. I know most? people buy the whole board, but I think quite a
few??????? get them cut short before they leave.

He'll put it aside for you, but it will be harder to get someone to
remember to call you, and to be able to find your number when they
need it. And without that you won't know when to call him. But you
can talk to the guy and see how accomodating he is. Maybe he'll be
great. Quite a few people are. Maybe there is soemthing sitting
there already longer than 15" that he can cut for you.