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Default bye-bye land line telephone

Thanks Don - appreciate the input.
I never considered the "loads" of my old telephones ..
maybe someone here has actual experience ?

"Old" phones (i.e., from Western Electric -- the sorts with real
BELLS in them) tend to be 1 REN -- the telco actually had to
deliver the power to move the clapper to strike the bell.
Newer phones tend to have much lower REN's -- they "sense"
the "ring voltage" (90 volts) and tell the little computer
(damn near everything has a computer of some type!) "Hey,
there's an incoming call!".

I got it done this morning - thanks all.
1. disconnected Bell cable at the outside interface box
2. re-routed the internet cable to a better location
modem, hub, router in a central location near a phone jack
3. RJ-11 splitter into the phone jack
4. hub + 1 old phone into splitter
5. 1 other old timey phone in basement
6. 1 cordless pair for main floor and master bedroom
1 old timey phone relegated to spare-dom
Everything seems to work OK - fingers crossed.
.... just need to read-up on the cordless set - it wants to
call out the incoming calls !
... we never knew they could talk !
never had call display before ..
John T.