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Default bye-bye land line telephone

On Thu, 12 May 2016 14:19:22 -0000 (UTC), HerHusband

As for phones, they will pry my POTS line and my Western Electric
phone out of my cold dead hands. It always works.

I couldn't wait to ditch our POTS line. They charged $100 a month,
everywhere was a long distance fee, and we had zero features (caller ID,
call blocking, etc.).

I switched to VOIP for $20 a month, free long distance, and a full array
of features. I haven't regretted it for a minute.

My landline adds $11 a month to my Century link bill plus another
$10-15 in taxes but I probably pay those taxes, just for having DSL.
That includes free long distance and a bundle of phone options (caller
ID, conferencing, call waiting, voice mail and about a dozen other

Cable? ... not so much. I had to fire Comcast because they were down
so often and out so long when they went.

Our Comcast service has been very reliable. We've probably had fewer than
5 outages in the last 10 years, and most of those have lasted less than
30 minutes. Our longest outage was about 4-6 hours.

That is not what we see here. My weather station logs downtime and I
was filling up the logs when I was on Comcast. After any kind of
little storm, it was down for weeks. Part of the problem is Comcast is
still up on poles and the Telco is buried.
Now days Weather Underground sends me an Email when the station is
down and I get about one or two a year on my DSL, Usually I get the
"it's back up" message a minute or so later. The exception is when it
is on my end.