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Default bye-bye land line telephone

On Thu, 12 May 2016 04:47:41 -0000 (UTC), HerHusband

We have probably a dozen 1500VA UPS's scattered around the house.
They come in handy in an outage as you can plug a CFL or LED lamp
into one and have LOTS of light (instead of living with flashlights
or candles). Figure 10-15W for a CFL gives you many HOURS on one
of these beasts (battery capacity is ~170WHr; assume 70% efficiency
gives you 120WHr -- so, almost 10 hours for a "60W equivalent" CFL)

Novel idea, but that's one expensive flashlight.

We kind of enjoy the rare power outage. It's an excuse to take a break from
technology, build a fire, light some candles, and spend some quality time

That said, my VOIP adapter and phone base unit are connected to my
computer's UPS system.

If the outage lasts more than an hour or two (rare), we can always fall
back to our cell phones. Or, people can just call back later.

I have enough UPSs here that we may not notice a power failure right
away. My PC is on one and there are 2 in the entertainment center. If
we don't have the light on in the living room and are just watching
TV. not much changes. The real tip off is the dog goes nuts when those
switchers turn on in the UPS. Evidently he can hear the 25kz or so.

As for phones, they will pry my POTS line and my Western Electric
phone out of my cold dead hands. It always works. My AOL dial up line
always works too. I am not going to be streaming Netflix but I can get
out an Email. Actually the DSL is almost as solid as the POTS.
Cable? ... not so much. I had to fire Comcast because they were down
so often and out so long when they went. The drop is swinging in the
air in front of my house.