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Default bye-bye land line telephone


I'm leaning toward the cordless phone option.

When I first switched to VOIP, I simply disconnected the incoming cable
from the phone company and fed back through the existing phone wiring in
the house. It worked fine.

However, somewhere down the line I had a problem with the phone wiring in
the house. I have numerous cables running indoors and a few to outbuildings
as well. Rather than fuss with tracking down the wiring problem, I just
abandoned the wires and bought a cordless phone system. The base unit
connects directly to my VOIP adapter, and all the other handsets are
wireless. I can move them anywhere in the house, even if there are no phone

We have a 2-phone cordless now - buy another & a Y-adapter or replace
with a 4 phone set. I just hate the idea of scrapping these gadgets
every 5 years!

You might check to see if additional handsets are still available for your
existing phone system. I bought an extra handset for my Panasonic so I
could have a phone out in the garage. I got the part number right off one
of the existing handsets.

Otherwise, a new phone system is relatively inexpensive and will bring
everything up to modern standards.

Anthony Watson