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Default bye-bye land line telephone

On Wed, 11 May 2016 19:43:45 -0400, wrote:

Today I got connected to internet telephone service for my home -
the old land line still has dial tone but only gets the
"not connected" message when used.
The hub that the internet company provides has only one RJ-11 phone
port - but four 3 unused RJ-45 LAN ports.
What is my easiest route to connect my 3 or 4 home telephones
to the new system ?
1. go to the interface box on the outside wall of my house and
disconnect the incoming Bell line ; then run a new phone line from
here to the hub ? the hub needs to be located centrally in the
house - not near the Bell interface
2. other ideas ?
Thanks in advance. John T.

My OOMA has one RJ-11. It's centrally located by my computer.
When I got it the OOMA, I ran a wire from it to where the old Comcast
phone modem wires were attached to the house wiring, and swapped them.
I used two IDEAL 85-950 UY-I, 2-Wire Butt Splice IDC, which fits
common phone wire.
My phone service was changed from Ma Bell to ATandT to Comcast
over the years, so the entrance is sort of a mess of wires. I took
the easy path and just disconnected the Comcast splices, since all my
phones worked with that splicing. And all 4 work with the OOMA.
But this is all in my unfinished basement.
Maybe your best bet is to wire to the nearest jack backside.
Depends on where you feel comfortable running the wire.
You should disconnect the Ma Bell wires and tape them off.