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Default Home Phone Wiring Repair

On 4/28/2016 7:51 PM, trader_4 wrote:
On Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 7:09:13 PM UTC-4, notbob wrote:
On 2016-04-28, trader_4 wrote:

I guess you missed the part where the OP said it's an older home and
there is no NID.

I guess you missed the part where I keep referring to the point of
demarcation or PA (point-of-access) cuz the OP sed he doesn't have an
NID. Duh.


I guess you missed the part where in his very first post it was clear
to everyone but you that the OP was essentially there. He said he
was testing at the wire where it enters the building. And they don't
put a big flag, a sign, or any other marking on the wiring going into
his old house that says "DEMARCATION HERE".

He's at the point where it enters the building. He has no dial tone.
Time to call the phone company, that's what he's paying for.

I guess everyone missed every thing about this thread.

But, it did light up the board for a while.

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