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Default Home Phone Wiring Repair

On 04/28/2016 07:47 AM, wrote:
My phones have no dial tone. My DSL internet works fine. When I call my home number from my cell I hear ringing, but the phones in the house don't ring.

I disconnected all phones and tested one by one. All dead. Still have to replace all the DSL filters one by one. But could they all 5 go dead at once? Could a surge go through the
lightning arrestors, knock out 3 phones, leave the DSL router and answering machine untouched? I don't think so.

Unlikely, but ONE failing could cause the problem if it created a short
(at the low frequencies used for phone but not the high frequencies used
for DSL). Fixing that may even improve your DSL. Also, the problem may
be elsewhere in your inside wiring.

I don't have an NID. It's 1970s wiring, Bell System. The incoming phone line is in the basement and terminates on a lighting block arrestor. Two maroon solenoids on the sides with
incoming wire connected above, and phone lines below.

I don't have a NID either. Doesn't matter since I switched to cable for
both phone and internet.
Why would you have solenoids there? Like another poster said, they could
be fuses.

I hooked up a two wire, red and green jack with RJ11 connector to the incoming wire posts and connected a phone. No dial tone.

Do you get a dial tone with the two incoming wires only? (disconnect
them and connect ONLY them to your jack)

So I'm thinking this is not a problem in the wiring or equipment in my home

I'm asking if anyone sees flaws in my analysis.

It appears that you have failed to disconnect your inside wiring, while
testing the incoming line. A NID makes this easier, but you still need
to do it.


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