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Default Home Phone Wiring Repair

My phones have no dial tone. My DSL internet works fine. When I call
my home number from my cell I hear ringing, but the phones in the
house don't ring.

I disconnected all phones and tested one by one. All dead. Still have
to replace all the DSL filters one by one. But could they all 5 go
dead at once? Could a surge go through the lightning arrestors, knock
out 3 phones, leave the DSL router and answering machine untouched? I
don't think so.

I don't have an NID. It's 1970s wiring, Bell System. The incoming
phone line is in the basement and terminates on a lighting block
arrestor. Two maroon solenoids on the sides with incoming wire
connected above, and phone lines below.

I hooked up a two wire, red and green jack with RJ11 connector to the
incoming wire posts and connected a phone. No dial tone.

So I'm thinking this is not a problem in the wiring or equipment in
my home.

I'm asking if anyone sees flaws in my analysis.

Will Verizon install an NID in or outside at no charge?

Will I get marginally faster internet if I have RJ45 cable wired from
the incoming directly to my router? It's not a long run maybe 6 feet.

Thanks for any expertise you can offer.

I have no idea what an NID is but isn't there a phone box on the outside of
your house? Assuming there is, plug a phone into the jack inside the box.
If no tone, call is your problem. If not dead, it is your