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Default Home Phone Wiring Repair

On 2016-04-28, wrote:

I'm asking if anyone sees flaws in my analysis.


I have DSL in the CO Rockies. I've experienced functioning internet
while having no dialtone on my phones. I've also experienced a
dialtone with no internet and most other variations. Basically, both
phone call signals and internet signals can occupy the same copper
wire cuz They're two different frequencies.

Yer only problem is if you are not getting a signal to the
point-of-access (PA), in which case it's the phone company's headache,
not yers. In yer case, the PA is not an NID. Regardless, there is
still a point of demarcation, where yer POTS (plain ol' telephone service) line is
still the phone company's and not yers. That is yer PA and where/what
you should check. You need to plug a regular phone/laptop into that
PA and see if you get a dialtone/internet. If not, it's on the phone
company and is not yer problem. Anything after the PA and it's on
you. End of story!

I use an old push-button Bell Telephone Princess phone with lighted
dial, where the dial works off the POTS voltage (approx 5V), so this
phone shows me most probs. If you have to, plugging a laptop into the
PA will also show slow service (do a speed test). Most of my probs
come from the RJ11 connectors, specially unions, which connect two
shorter lines to make a longer line. Eliminate them if you can.

Also, phone company modems can also become faulty. That's another
good reason to check at the PA. If you rent a modem from yer POTS
supplier, like me, it's they're responsibility.