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Default No Gorbal yrs....

On Mon, 21 Mar 2016 11:59:30 -0700, wrote:

On Mon, 21 Mar 2016 10:53:06 -0700, Gunner Asch

On Mon, 21 Mar 2016 09:33:13 -0700,

Does this sound like it was written by a licensed electrician?

"My normal monthly electric bill is $150 or so (**** you Gray
Davis!!!!) and it seems that the minute I turn a welder goes to
$300 a month."!or...0/cnKowXsaCeMJ

Odd...that was quit factual. And in fact..its gotten worse.

Well then Mr. Electrician. Show us the math that proves a welder uses
$150 per month in electricity " the minute you turn it on."

Amazing Whoyakidding prediction: "electrician" Wieber will slobber
endlessly without ever writing anything close to a credible

"Not in CA. The CPUC basically allows CA utilities to rape their
customers. They justify this by saying it's "to encourage
conservation". PG&E's rate structure looks very similar to what we
have with SoCal Edison:

Total Energy Rates ($ per kWh)

Baseline Usage: $0.13230 (I)
101% - 130% of Baseline: $0.15040 (I)
131% - 200% of Baseline $0.30025 (I)
201% - 300% of Baseline Over $0.34025 (I)
300% of Baseline: $0.34025 (I)

"Baseline", by the way, is not average usage. The CPUC defines it as
50-70% of average use. No consideration is made for the size of your
home, either. What this means is that any sort of extras (a fish tank,
second fridge) are billed at ridiculous rates. Unseasonably hot
summers can be a real hardship if you're inland."

Need more? You poor stupid fat ****. You only make yourself look a
bigger fool with each post.


Cutting and pasting rates does absolutely nothing to demonstrate that
you have the knowledge of an electrician. Neither does it explains
your brain-dead story about a small amount of welding costing $150 a
month. An electrician would know better. Your place is a ******** and
there's no good reason that you couldn't stay in the lower tiers.
Those rates aren't very high, and haven't changed much in a long time.
Of course there are lots of not so good reasons an idiot could have a
high bill.

Care to try again, or will you, 1. exactly as I predicted, just keep
blabbering irrelevant nonsense. Or 2. Run away.

Come now. He doesn't "run away" he has this big time career in Los
Angeles. My goodness he even posted (Boasted?) about having the
astonishing sum of $10,000 in the bank once, I gathered that was a
once in a lifetime event.