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Default No Gorbal yrs....

On Mon, 14 Mar 2016 17:58:06 -0700, Gunner Asch

On Mon, 14 Mar 2016 16:31:36 -0700, wrote:

If you're going to claim that you really did pay but that the online
records are in error, then don't forget to include some proof of those
payments. And don't bother ginning up some stupid story about it being
difficult to prove. I'll go ahead and predict that the only "proof"
you'll ever provide is more idiotic words.

Hardly difficult to prove. I simply need to get them to post the
payments. Ill call em later this week. And again, cockbreath..thanks
for pointing out their error(s)

Hahahaha! You claim to have a genius level IQ, but you can't think of
any concrete way to reclaim some dignity. A normal person might show
the receipts etc. But you can't do that because the story about making
the payments was an idiotic lie.

Now..will you be paying the rest of them off to gain some sort of
"power" over me?.

What the hell are you blabbering about?

And Ill grin and agree to worship the ground you
walk on. Is that a deal? Or are you just as broke as I am? Ill bet
thats dont have a pot to **** in and are on welfare.

My wealth has nothing to do with your lying. But since you asked, I
am financially secure in my retirement, and compared to you I might as
well be Bill Gates. In a nutshell, brand new custom net-zero lakeview
home on substantial acreage. In-floor heating including the shop, so
no "it's always something" magnetic lathe blankets. I sent some
pictures of the place to Ed Huntress a while back. Ask him for his
impressions if you dare.

Is that true, Welfare Boi? No work because no one wants you on the
property? No...that couldnt be, my Supreme Bean!! Woe..say its not so
Laird...tell them to cast off their chains and motel bills and release
you!! Your mothers house is just the same as your own!!!

Summing up, exactly as I said. First you told a stupid and easily
debunked lie. Then you wrote a bunch more rubbish in a pathetic
attempt to defend yourself. Wasting more of your life and fooling
absolutely no one.