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On Mar 9, 2016, Ignoramus1161 wrote
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I have a question.

If global warming is fake, how come those glaciers are shrinking? And
so does the Arctic ice?

Do you recall when the name went from Global Warming to Climate Change? The
reason for the new name is that the predicted rise in temperature is not
happening. Instead, the rate of rise flattened out, and the deviation from
prediction keeps increasing. There are many articles in the scientific press
(here meaning Nature and Science, which I subscribe to) trying to explain the
anomaly, without much success so far.

The now common statement that current year is the warmest ever, while
literally true, is misleading in that it does not address the fact that the
rate of rise is not following the current models. The google search term for
this is “climate hiatus”.

Here is a graph showing the climate hiatus that people are trying to explain.
The East Anglica folk were trying to obscure the toe of this failure to
follow the models, and said if the hiatus continued for fifteen years, it
would be a big problem. This was in 2009, but they were referring to the
start of the divergence in 1995 or so.


Also lots of comparisons of various models with observation.

Judith Curry is an apostate in that she objected to the APS becoming an
advocacy organization:


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