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Default Fudge/kludging old style switch

"N_Cook" wrote in message ...

Ona 1983 Roland Juno 6 synth, so would like to keep original looking.
Easy to wire in some modern replacement.
One of those rotating arm , but slide switch action that used to be
common on amps and tapedecks of the 1970s. 3 position mode switch.
The arm that looks metal but is thin aluminium cylinder over plastic.
Broken away , and missing, from the internal rocking bit.
Switch action is good , but how to fit a shaft?
Cannot simple drill and tap/glue a shaft as there is a fixing/pivot rivet
that goes through that area.
I've sintride fine cone-rasped 4 undercut holes radial to this central
position. I intend 4 bend stiff wires and epoxy going in there , and a
thin walled aluminium pcb stand-off cylinder, that would normally take a
long bolt, slid over those 4 and then epoxied in aswell.
Anyone been here before, or better idea?

These Juno's are rapidly increasing in value. At present 800+.
Funnily enough I got one in today.

Had one a few weeks ago that had one shonky switch of the type you are
describing, but declined to attempt to fix it, as it still worked, albeit in
a very wobbly manner.
(I didn't fancy risking turning a wobbly working switch into a totally
useless one)

I did manage to repair a damaged slider by dismantling and judicious use of
epoxy, but the amount of work you are prepared to undertake is well beyond
my interests.

Good luck.