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Default One-handed pullups

On Wed, 29 Jul 2015 08:03:02 -0700 (PDT), Grokman Grokman

Children! Children! I go out for one night, and look at what you've
done to the house! g

PV, I don't know if you missed the origins of all of these conflicts,
or if you just decided to ignore them. It isn't because Gunner tells
"tall tales." It's because he's insulted, slandered, tried to
humiliate, and threatened every one of them -- myself included. A few
people (myself included) just got fed up with his vile and dishonest
style of argument, and his whole approach to sharp disagreements is
now the subject. As an inveterate bull****ter, Gunner takes the heat
for it. Like Jonny Bonkers, he's just reaping what he's sown.

It really starts with attitudes towards civility. You either have it
by age 10, or you don't. It's hard to see it now -- it's degenerated
so much that the entire battle is kind of dirty -- but there's no
doubt how it started and where it came from. He's never let up: anyone
he disagrees with is a "libtard," a "Marxist," "gay," or worse.

He lacks the ability to disagree in a civil way and, as a result, he
argues like white trash. His threats to have people killed actually
are criminal. Probably because of the company he keeps, or the
environment he's in, he's deluded himself that he's managed to skirt
the law with his many threats, which are hardly veiled. He's wrong. It
isn't "banter" when you get specific about weapons to be used and
people on a "list" to be killed. If someone really got upset about it,
it wouldn't be hard to have Gunner investigated for terroristic

So recognize where the divide is. People who are basically civil can
sometimes get really heated and insulting. White trash tell you you're
on a "list" of people his "friends" are going to shoot and kill.

And you have to admit, Whoyakidding's Cliffs Notes have a genuine
literary quality. d8-)

Nice summary, Ed. But PV knows every word of it already. He doesn't
care, he has his own bashing to do and it will be entertaining to see
how many more ludicrous 125=256 excuses he can come up along the way.

BTW, I have a very fast bike, a lot of riding experience, and live
where I can occasionally open the throttle. I've been over 125 a
couple times recently while passing. It in no way made me feel
entitled to say I'd gone 256, because that would be stupid and nobody
would believe it.

I rode a new, Euro-delivered BMW R69S from Bern to Dusseldorf mostly
flat-out (around 110) in 1968, and my teeth ached at the end of the
ride, from clamping my jaws. g

You can have it, thank you very much.

Ed Huntress

R69S?? For real? Earl's forks? Glorified nail for a key switch? LOL

Yeah, for real. It belonged to a college student friend from Michigan
State, who was on the one-year program with me at the Univ. of

I had a couple, plus the R50S, the 250cc R26, plus a Norton 750. Eventually went japanese. lol
And yeah, I do not miss bikes AT ALL.

I loved the 250s. With two people on board, they wouldn't make it up
the hill at the end of my street at more than 30 mph, but they were
cool. If you had an old one with the funky fenders, they made you feel
like you were in "Hogan's Heroes."

Was your Norton an Atlas or a Commando? Commandos were very popular at
Michigan State in the '60s.

Tough to ride fast without a fairing. Anything over 100 mph is very fast. Assholes (like kidding) who pooh-pooh 125+ are just bull****ing ignerani. Of course, a lot depends on the roads. It's suicide to drive fast in metro NY area roads, esp after the poor winter patch jobs.

I have gone faster than 110 on other bikes -- for a few seconds.
Blasting up to speeds like that is one thing. Riding for a whole day
at 110 is something else entirely. Bern to Dusseldorf is six hours
plus on the bike.

Also, older bikes did not have handlebar/steering dampers/stabilizers, unless you did 3rd party add-ons. VERY dangerous to go over even 75 mph on, say, the Deegan without these stabilizers/fairings.
But of course kidding knows all this, right? You can tell from his pictures? LOL

I don't recognize his bike, but it's a newish one, it's beeg, and it
looks ridiculously fast.

Ed Huntress