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Henry Mydlarz
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Default How do you commit suicide?

If you think that's crazy, I heard of some professor who had a theory that
you couldn't get electrocuted if an electric hair dryer fell into a bath you
were in (it's a valid argument). He experimented with that and, from what I
heard, he survived. I wouldn't try that one either, though....


"Franc Zabkar" wrote in message
On 03 Aug 2003 05:54:13 GMT, (LASERandDVDfan)
put finger to keyboard and composed:

TV, Microwave, any help would be appreciated.

TV: Take the back cover off. Shove a screwdriver up the anode lead on

the top
of the picture tube while touching the metal shaft of the screwdriver and

on to it tightly while TV is working.

I doubt this will kill you. At the very least, the TV's ABL circuitry
will probably protect you by limiting the beam current to about 1mA or
less. At best, if your body's resistance is low enough, the PSU will
probably shut down. In fact my former employer (a crazy Irishman)
demonstrated this principle by removing the anode and grabbing it
tightly in his hand while powering on the set. The power supply
hiccuped and he was unharmed. Needless to say, I haven't had the
courage to try this myself.

- Franc Zabkar
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