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Default K-deck Panasonic VCR NV-HD620

Erik Creyghton:
The "end of tape" sensor is not on the erase head pillar but instead it is
to the left of the carriage. Likewise, the "beginning of tape" sensor is
located to the right of the carriage. Both of these sensors depend on the
center IR LED working properly.
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"Erik Creyghton" wrote in message
I replaced a worn roller on this deck and experienced some problems to get
the timing right. I re-aligned the lot and all works fine now beside the
auto rewind stop.

On a rewind the tape will go in slow motion when approaching the end but
then keeps on rewinding right across the clear milar section. The result

a mechanical jam followed by a inload/load and initiating the rewind

this will continue for ever (till the tape snaps).

I guess tape end is sensed through an optical cell mounted on the erase

pillar. I checked al connection and cleaned everything. Of course I am

of the extreme day-light sensitivity of this deck; the problem is also

with the casing closed. No fault codes are produced.

Anyone aware of this kind of problems on K-decks, I would appreciate any
tips on how to determine what is wrong.