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Erik Creyghton
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Default K-deck Panasonic VCR NV-HD620

I replaced a worn roller on this deck and experienced some problems to get
the timing right. I re-aligned the lot and all works fine now beside the
auto rewind stop.

On a rewind the tape will go in slow motion when approaching the end but
then keeps on rewinding right across the clear milar section. The result is
a mechanical jam followed by a inload/load and initiating the rewind again;
this will continue for ever (till the tape snaps).

I guess tape end is sensed through an optical cell mounted on the erase head
pillar. I checked al connection and cleaned everything. Of course I am aware
of the extreme day-light sensitivity of this deck; the problem is also there
with the casing closed. No fault codes are produced.

Anyone aware of this kind of problems on K-decks, I would appreciate any
tips on how to determine what is wrong.