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Leonard Caillouet
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Default Zenith Rear Projection TV/Model PV4655LK9

I disagree. I give the customer the parts and location numbers from my
evaluation of their unit and have been in this business for over 20 years
and doing well. It is rare that someone will take an estimate and fix the
unit themselves or take it to another shop. If it happens occassionally,
I'll take that chance in exchange for the trust that my customers have in me
and the way they view me as a professional compared to the competition.

Leonard Caillouet

"John Del" wrote in message
Subject: Zenith Rear Projection TV/Model PV4655LK9
From: "Arthur Jernberg"

. If you indeed paid the service tech to
diagnose the set then he should have left with you a report as to what

are needed for comprehensive repair, however if the service was preformed
"FREE" then you have what you compensated for.

An "estimate charge" should not cover the actual part failure, the part

and instructions on how to replace it. Any tech who does so won't be in
business long.

John Del
Wolcott, CT

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