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Default Need Service Manual for Advent TV

Too bad your email is probably no good.

Listen up and I'll tell tell you something. What you need to do is to go to, get into the servicers section and RIGHT click on the schematic
you want, and go save target as. These are right at the login screen. After you
save the file, it's a regular PDF.

All this gets you is the print, at least you can determine if any proprietary
parts are needed. They use many. You look up their PS ICs in the normal places
you find nothing, but their schematic is not too bad, better than many. We are
now authorized for them, and it was no big deal. Didn't have to buy all kind of
crap, go back to school etc. Parts were a bit slow, on the order of 10-20
days, but this was only once. AFAIK there was no NARDA, they just paid our

While they are an importer with a nameplate, their product isn't bad by today's

Read this, print it whatever, I am going to delete it in a couple days.