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Default Zenith TV problems

"Mr. Lee" wrote in message
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JOE BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't agree more LOL

The new HDTV widescreen TVs that are rolling out of the factorys and

the stores, are a vivid sign of how poor quailty and craftsmanship is
anymore. Most of these sets come out of the box so poorly aligned, that
people are paying large sums of money to have calibrators come to their
house and adjust their set - ON A NEW TV!!! Did you ever in your

dreams, figure you would ever see anything like this?

I have a new HDTV widescreen TV, and what an experience, even for a

Within one week, I had three TVs delivered because the first two RCAs

serious flaws and problems. Finally, after deciding on a new model JVC

widescreen, did I get a set that was properly aligned and without major
flaws. After seeing how badly most RPTVs are aligned from the factory, I
thank my lucky stars that I received one that is very well aligned.

So, that's my take on the situation, pretty much the same as yours. What

said in the end, is very true - planned obsolescence is now a fact of