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Default Monitor V1428NI --H.O.T. running too hot and shorting

Resolder FBT. If the FBT has a bad Internal Cap, it will shorten life of

You also could have a Problem in the B+ Boost circuit. Whats the FCC number
of the Monitor?

"Aldo Barrios" wrote in message
This is a 14 inch monitor V1428NI that i fixed replacing the hot
(BU2520DF) for a 2SC5296 but it gets too hot. Well it was hot with the
BU2520DF too. And it won't accept 800x600 and 1024x768 . Only 640x468.
It used to accept the three of them. I have replaced the horizontal
driver (IRF620) with no improvement. I have checked caps and resistors
near the hot and driver. All test ok. I notice there is a blackened
coil, but it is not open.
Any ideas. Thanks.