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Default Fence panel clips -- I must be thick ...

In article ,
alan_m wrote:

On 22/01/2015 22:35, Another John wrote:

However I can't for the life of me work out how to fix them [properly].
(Can't google any website that shows them in use, and the guys at Wickes
didn't know either.)

The Wickes video shows how to use them

Holy smoke. The verdict is in: I am thick!

I actually watched that video at the start of my considerable wanderings
through "The Interweb course on fence erection". I was paying attention
to all the early stages though, and didn't register his use of the

I eventually ended up watching (and paying more attention to) the B&Q
video on *mending* a fence, and that fella uses the other clips (And
actually lifts, then slides, the 6' panel into position, with the help
of his female assistant (I thought really that she ought to be doing
what he did, just for a change.)).

Thank you so much Alan, and to everyone else for the handy tips. I see
now that my basic fault was assuming that the big hole is for getting
your drill/driver through, whereas, as more than one has pointed out,
and as the Wickes video shows, it's for accommodating a wandering

Thanks again chaps. In't t'Interweb brilliant?!