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Default Fence panel clips -- I must be thick ...

alan_m wrote
Roger Mills wrote

Yes, indeed. They look the same as the ones in the Wickes video cited by
alan_m. I haven't got a clue what the big hole is for, though!

The fixing screw goes through the clip into the first vertical edge rail,
then through the large hole in the clip, then through the fence slats AND
the vertical edge rail the other side.

That's not how the video does it.

The smaller the hole the more accurate you would have to be when
positioning the fixing screw.

But that hole can't have anything going thru it retention wise.

It looks like the large hole is to allow you to put the screw
into the much smaller hole behind it, thru the large hole.
But that isn't how the video does it either, he puts the
screw into the hole that is below the large hole from
the other side and doesn’t use the large hole at all.