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Default Materials for making a mold

On Tue, 16 Jun 2015 19:25:47 -0500, Tim Wescott

I'm working on a project that may well end up having a case made of
fiberglass. As I'm working on a 3D model that will use mostly to make
pretty PDFs for my fiberglass guy and my customer, It occurs to me that I
could just make a 3D model of a mold and send it to a machine shop.

A 1.25 x 12 x 48 inch piece of 6061 costs $430 from Online Metals. Is
that pretty much what I would expect to pay for materials from a machine
shop? Is there any material that's significantly cheaper, that can be
tossed into a CNC mill and made into something mold like, and then hand-
polished to a high shine?

After reading the replies to this post, I have some

(1) What is your projected volume?

(2) Why fiberglass? How about alternatives such as vacuum
formed thermoplastic?

(3) Did you get quotes from enclosure/case vendors? The
size/shape appears close to a gun case.

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