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Default Can and LED floodlight possibly be as bright as a real floodlight?

"micky" wrote in message

Can an LED floodlight possibly be as bright as a real floodlight?

The fixture will be mounted about 24 feet above the ground so it has to
be bright.

The people who rate the one below say it's very bright, but have they
ever looked into a 100 watt incandescent floodlight? It's probably
blinding, so I'm not sure the raters' opinions are really comparisons.

The one below at Home Depot from Lithonia Lighting says it has "2
efficient 10-watt LEDs" where the two incandescent lights would
otherwise be. The picture shows two circular devices, each divided
into 3 120-degree parts, with what looks like a small concave reflector
with an LED in the middle of each part. I guess they are saying the 3
together use 10 watts. Are there really 3 1/3 watt LEDs, and is 10
watts from an LED as much light as 100 watts incandescent?? That's what
the floodlights use now, 200 watts total per fixture.

Compare lumens, no watts. Watts= enegy to produce lumens.

A reflector also makes a huge difference over a raw bulb. Type of
reflector also makes a difference...a given area at a given distance from
the light source will receive more light from a narrow beam reflector than
from a wide beam reflector.



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