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Default Kenwood TM-281A Adjustment Mode

For adjustment mode, see instructions at:
Good luck.

Hi Jeff,

Although I downloaded the SM for the TM271A, I decided to use the
link you provided. By golly, this is a different procedure than what I found
in the SM!

I will give that a try in a day or two after I finish some other
projects I am working on.

Again, Thanks, John N3AOF

Hi Jeff,


I took a quick look at that adjustment page via the link you provided,
and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

The front panel keys are used in making the adjustments, NOT
for getting into adjustment mode.

It is the same as the TM271A SM I downloaded.

There is a BIG difference between the PCB in the TM271A and TM281A,
and you have to access a certain place on the PCB in order to get the
radio into "adjustment mode".

Thanks for trying, John N3AOF