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Default What is the best way to cut floor exactly along wall?

"HerHusband" wrote in message
I'm dealing with a trailer house with about 15 feet of bad floor along
one side. I recently replaced the floor in the water heater closet in
that trailer, and used a wood chisel along the wall. Just that 30"
closet took hours. I'm trying to find a better way. A circular saw
cant get close enough. I tried an angle grinder with grinder wheel,
which worked but filled the whole house with smoke and was real slow.
I do have access to one of those Multi Function oscillating tools from a
friend. I've never used one of them, so I dont know if that would work

A reciprocating saw with a 6" blade would easily let you cut right up to
the base of the wall. You would just have to hold it at an angle to

the cutting depth so you don't cut into the floor joists. It can be a
little tricky to start the cut, especially in the corners, but it's


I've made cuts like that several times without any problems. If you take
your time, you can even cut away a top layer of plywood from two layers
without damaging the bottom layer. Better to cut a little shy and clean it
up with a knife or chisel than damage the structure underneath.

You must have the steadiest hands in the world. g I don't think I could
hold a sawzall steady enough to control the depth of cut unless I used some
sort of long guide rod along the wall for the saw to "ride on." But then
again I nearly failed freehand drawing at my tech HS.

I am interested in whether the OP's multi-function tool works out for this
job. So far, mine's only been useful to remove lineoleum that was glued
down with something that ossified into some sort of super-substance.
Unfortunately I got the MFT when there was only a few square feet left to
remove. D'oh.

Bobby G.