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The goal is to just remove 4" from the wall the entire length of the bad
area, and put down the plywood. I want to get right up to the wall to
remove all the bad flooring and so I have as much of the 2x8 joist
exposed to fasten the new plywood. I may still add blocks of 2x4
between each joist so there is more to nail to.
The saw that will come closest to your wall would be a toe kick saw.

Crain Toe Kick Saw 795

Toe kick saws are used to cut through the underlayment when replacing the flooring in kitchens. In that case, the underlayment goes UNDER the kitchen cabinets, and if the old flooring was glued down, you have the daunting task of removing the old adhesive from the old underlayment. A far better option is to cut through the underlayment right in front of the cabinet and replace that underlayment. That way, you have a new and clean surface on which to install your new flooring. Most toe kick saws have a fixed cutting depth of 3/4 inch. If you want a shallower kerf, you put a piece of plywood or something down and run the saw over that plywood. Also, most toe kick saws will cut almost flush with the front of the toe kick; maybe a 32nd of an inch in front of the toe kick or something like that.

You can buy toe kick saws cheap from Harbour Freight, or you can rent them at any tool rental shop. I would try Home Depot tool rentals, or phone any retail carpet or flooring store and ask to talk to their Installations Manager. The Installations Manager would know which places in your area will sell flooring installation supplies, and which of those places would rent tools like a toe kick saw.

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