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Default What is the best way to cut floor exactly along wall?

I'm dealing with a trailer house with about 15 feet of bad floor along
one side. I recently replaced the floor in the water heater closet in
that trailer, and used a wood chisel along the wall. Just that 30"
closet took hours. I'm trying to find a better way. A circular saw
cant get close enough. I tried an angle grinder with grinder wheel,
which worked but filled the whole house with smoke and was real slow.

I do have access to one of those Multi Function oscillating tools
from a friend. I've never used one of them, so I dont know if that
would work, and of course I dont want to rip up the wall either. I
did see about a 4inch circular saw blade at the hardware store, I was
wondering if I could put one of those blades on my angle grinder and
use that. But I thought I'd ask if anyone has a better idea.

The floor is made from 3/4" particle board, but will be replaced with
3/4" plywood. (treated plywood by the door, which is where the floors
always go bad in these trailers). However this trailer had a roof
leak (which is now repaired), so that is why there is such a large

The goal is to just remove 4" from the wall the entire length of the
bad area, and put down the plywood. I want to get right up to the
wall to remove all the bad flooring and so I have as much of the 2x8
joist exposed to fasten the new plywood. I may still add blocks of
2x4 between each joist so there is more to nail to.


I've been down that road and what worked best for me was to cut the PB an
inch and a half from the wall . Just use your skilsaw , let the short side
of the sole plate ride on the baseboard as a guide you might need to remove
or bend the blade cover handle . This leaves you with a lip to screw 2x4
blocking between joists to screw your new plywood to .
BTW , I was a flooring installer , did all my own subfloor repairs because
the carpenters didn't understand you either have to block the joints or
offset layers . Oh and if you can , lift the threshold and go thru the
doorway with new plywood .