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Originally Posted by Home!Guy View Post
Are there any studies or has anyone tried to correlate the weight (mass)
of a brand new AA or AAA battery with how many watt-hours can be had
from them?
No, but in a study on batteries, CBC's "Marketplace" concluded that as long as the chemistry of the batteries are the same, the name on the battery means no more than a racing stripe does on a car.

What they found was that they got equal performance from "No Name" alkaline batteries as they got from Energizer or Duracell alkaline batteries.

And, if you pay any attention to the battery commercials, you'll come to the same conclusion. Neither Energizer nor Duracell actually show how much more energy their batteries hold, or how much longer they store that energy; they just show you a bunny banging on a drum or tell you that Los Angeles SAR teams rely on their batteries, which means squat. The SAR teams want to ensure they don't get criticized if a rescue has to be aborted because of their using "cheap" batteries in critical applications, so they pay the extra money to buy Energizer or Duracell simply to avoid that possibility. If there was any difference in battery performance, you can bet that the ads would focus on that difference in performance, not on bunnies banging on bass drums.

The bottom line is that alkaline batteries all use the same chemistry, and the name on the outside of the battery doesn't affect it's performance.

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