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Default Make a Mallet

"Lew Hodgett" wrote:
Lew Hodgett wrote:
Mallet I made as part of a woodworking class at Cerritos College.

All solid wood, no metal balls internal, otherwise similar
to Brian's piece.

"Bill" wrote:

Nice! You should tote that down to that cash and carry Arco that
gives you so much trouble!

Thank you and What trouble?

Arco just reflects the market we (The collective WE) have allowed to
gain control our lives.


I'm going to say y'all, not we. Y'all pay a little more for gasoline than
we do in Texas but y'all did not even see the buss that hit you when
comparing housing prices. We get the same house for a quarter of the price
and not everything in Texas causes cancer like in California. Your fuel
prices are really at the bottom of your worries.