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Default Two Faucets in Shower? Still Legal?

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On 9/6/2013 11:45 AM, mcadchri wrote:


But if you want to put it in your home, go ahead. It's your home. You just

probably won't find an experienced licensed plumber, you know the people

who do this work for a living and are educated in it, who will risk his

license to do it for you. Hope this helps!

There's another issue as well. If a guest is scalded when using your

shower, and sues you, the insurance company will investigate to see if

the valve was ever replaced. If it was replaced after the requirement

for the scald-proof valves then they will want to know who installed the

valve. If it was a licensed plumber then they'll go after them. If it

was the homeowner it gets dicey. The homeowner violated the code by

installing a non-compliant valve so the insurance company could refuse

to pay.

It makes me wonder how the baby boomers and their parents actually

survived without all of this new "safety".

We had lawn darts, diving boards at every pool, gas cans that you

could actually get the gas out of, and a car seat for a kid clipped

over the seat back with a little steering wheel in front.

Toilets actually flushed, showers sprayed enough water to get you wet

and, oh yes, you had to make sure the water wasn't too hot yourself.

You know what's rather odd. I've seen it posted that two handle
shower faucets are illegal. I've seen it posted that if a plumber
ever installs one, anywhere, he'll lose his license. I've seen it
posted that if a homeowner installs one, or anything himself for that
matter, the insurance company won't pay off on a claim if it someday
leaks. I've even heard that the mortgage company gestapo is gonna
come inspect and catch you someday. But, oddly, for something that
is supposed to be so illegal, if you just google for two handle
shower faucets you immediately come up with
many two handle ones being sold here in the USA, made by major
plumbing eqpt suppliers, like Moen. Go figure..

BTW, for the google handicapped, like Harry K, who can't find
anything for themselves, I've provided some links above.