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Default Laser Level for my construction work question

On 8/27/2013 7:54 AM, jloomis wrote:
the company is not there?

"Lew Hodgett" wrote in message

"jloomis" wrote:

I have a very good Laser Level, although I feel the charger is faulty.
I have replaced the Ni-Cad batteries also.
Here are the specs.
I would like to find one that would charge my Laser.
Thanks, John


No 4490
v. 60 Hz 15w
@ 550 mA


Look around... just about any "wall wart" with a voltage output (of 9
volts or so) and capacity (550mA) should work. Just insure that the
polarity of the connector is correct (pin outs are usually shown case of
the OEM charger).

It's my experience that most charges rated at 9 or 12 volts are actually
putting out about 2 or 3 more volts than shown. No big deal - if it
bothers you, just make sure that you don't leave it hooked to the
charger all the time. Also, you can check the battery from time to time
to see if it's getting hot.

Do you have a multi-meter handy? (If not, you can pick one up at Harbor
Fright on the cheap $8) I'd test that existing charger just to be sure
that's the problem. Make sure it's connected to a load (battery) as
some of those are actually switching power supply and don't show any
output unless they are under a load.

As a last resort... look around for your local equivalent of an
electronics project "junk shop." We have an outfit here in the Chicago
and Milwaukee area called "American Science & Surplus" that is an
inventor's wet dream. Just about any kind of spare, surplus, outmoded
electric/electronic thingamajiggy one could want on sale for cheap.

Wall warts line the walls... new, used, specialty items .. you name it.

You can find them in all voltages and capacities. From tiny to fist
size, to power supplies with cords attached.

If you get stuck, post here and I'll PM you and try to pick one up for
you next time I'm down there - if they have one in the correct size it
shouldn't cost more than $15 with shipping included.