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On Tue, 05 Mar 2013 17:04:47 -0800, jloomis wrote:

I would love to find some fire brick.
There is a few folks locally that do have some beautiful wood fired
kilns. I will look up the Bourry Box kiln to see what it is like.
I would like to build a climbing hill kiln since the area is suited for
then again, I though if a guy could build a kiln on wheels, and move it
to the source.

Too many ideas......not a lot of time it seems.
I am taking a "large" pot throwing class in Santa Cruz this June.
George Dymesich is the teacher and has gone to Japan for instruction.
He is fairly popular, and online.
Now I know this is not wood, but turning on the wheel and turning on a
lathe do have similarities.....
Hey, nice talking.
where are you located?
I am in Fort Bragg, Calif.

Central Alabama

I haven't done anything serious, just fooled around a little
on a couple of different wheels. It's fun and I do think I
would pick it up at a reasonable pace. I have lots of other work/hobbies
that are getting ignored, not much point in persueing another.
hmmm, maybe after I retire.

Lots of good clays available for the digging here as well, in fact
just behind my house is a good deposit of terra cotta type clay,
there are also what would be higher cone ceramic clays nearby.

I also have a place that would be good for an anagama but firing them
seems like a daunting task, from what i have read, some of the larger
take three days firing(and a mountain of wood) to to get the top end
fired. I suppose that it could be done on a smaller scale as long
as the tunnel was big enough to crawl through.