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Default Wood Making

On Tue, 05 Mar 2013 09:02:06 -0800, jloomis wrote:

Try to make sure to burn dry wood.
Have a hot fire to keep the chimney clean.
Don't burn garbage......
Scrub the chimney with a metal flue brush.
I would much rather burn oak.

Also, I may be able to use this in firing a "Wood fired Kiln"
We do that around here, and I am tempted to use it for cone 10 firing.
Why not!


I have considered building a Bourry Box kiln, and I have
a large source of used fire brick that I could use.

unfortunately there isn't enough moneyed appreciators of
potter/ceramics in this area to pull me into it at this late date,
especially considering I insist on learning everything the hard way.