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On 3/5/2013 9:00 AM, Mike Marlow wrote:
Swingman wrote:
On 3/5/2013 6:55 AM, Mike Marlow wrote:
jloomis wrote:

Here is the scene of the crime.
I have yet another pile to do.
Would rather be building, but need to clean up last years downed
trees. john

Pine? You guys split that up for firewood? How long do you season
it before burning? We don't burn pine around here owing to the
creosote issues.

It doesn't look like pine on my monitor ...

I'm not well versed in the various confiers, so I tend to simply use the
misnomer "Pine" to generalize. The chunks looked a lot like what a red pine
or a white pine around here would split up like, and the trunks that are
showing look an awful lot like red pines around here, so that's the basis of
my statement. What did you see in them?

Thought they were a softwood, and would have had to _guess_ "Fir", if
forced with a gun to my head (mainly based on the leaves on the ground;
those close growth rings, which would be vertical end grain in a
rift/quarter cut log; and the fact the "F" in the standard terminology
for softwood construction lumber (SPF) is "Fir") ... but was not near
certain enough about that to make a statement ... and, the bark did not
look any pine bark I've ever seen.

But, I would still not bet the farm that what I was looking at on my
monitor was indeed Fir.

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