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Default Fused 4 ways good, unfused 4 ways bad?

"Andrew Gabriel" wrote in message
In article ,
"Dave Plowman (News)" writes:
In article ,
Andrew Gabriel wrote:
I would guess that a 4-way socket is not explicitly covered by BS1363,
and therefore it needs a fuse to be legal (same as for 3-way adapters
and 3-way socket outlets). Double sockets and 2-way adapters don't
require a fuse, because they're explicitly covered by BS1363.

I'm assuming it is a four way outlet on a flex plugged into a 13 amp
socket, so protected by the fuse in the plug?

If this is the case, then 4-way sockets without fuses haven't been
manufactured to BS1363 (which makes them illegal to manufacture or
import), and there will be other aspects of them which don't
conform, and they haven't been properly tested. That's a good
enough reason not to use them, even though that fuse is redundant
when made up into an extention lead with a fused plug on it, _if_
the plug and fuse conform to BS1363 and BS1362. There have been
cases of this in the past where there was also something wrong
with the mains flexes used by the socket blocks.

Any rational which said the outlet on what is essentially an extension
lead would surely apply regardless of the number of ways? And I've never
seen a single flex outlet with a fuse - although they are common enough
4+ way ones.

Not sure if you didn't read what I wrote, or my message didn't
come across, but at the most basic level, if the socket doesn't
conform to BS1363, what makes you think the lead, plug, and 13A
fuse (if it has one) which you seem to be relying on instead conform?

It is most likely they do, just because there isnt any point in
them not conforming just because BS1363 doesn't mention
4+ way ones.