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Default Fused 4 ways good, unfused 4 ways bad?

In article ,
Andrew Gabriel wrote:
Any rational which said the outlet on what is essentially an extension
lead would surely apply regardless of the number of ways? And I've
never seen a single flex outlet with a fuse - although they are common
enough on 4+ way ones.

Not sure if you didn't read what I wrote, or my message didn't
come across, but at the most basic level, if the socket doesn't
conform to BS1363, what makes you think the lead, plug, and 13A
fuse (if it has one) which you seem to be relying on instead conform?

It seemed to be a 'what if' post.

Causally glancing at some various 4 way extension leads hanging in this
workshop - no idea where they came from - finds them all marked BS 1363/A

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